Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So the kids and I have returned home today. I instructed the kids that they couldn't go outside cause it was really dirty and someone would be coming to clean soon so they can go outside (to their favorite part of the house) and play. Landen immediately said "because Papa's dead out there huh??" So many weird things like that keep coming out of Landen. Little things, asking about a note too! Just weird. But he still hasn't gotten emotional about it. Just very matter of fact. Reminding his sister when she says stuff about Papa (as they called him) that he is dead, and is not coming back.

I contacted the rental agency that my Daddy rented our house from and informed them of the situation after finding out that apparently the renters insurance policy my Daddy had doesn't cover the clean-up since it is outdoors. So them then rental agency said they would call the homeowner and get in contact with their homeowners insurance and get back to me. Which of course, they didn't. So I called, and was informed that neither my Daddy's renters insurance or the owner's homeowners insurance will NOT cover the clean up due to it being a suicide.

So 7 days later here we are here at the house while the left over remains of a shotgun wound to my Daddy's head is just sitting in our backyard. While we are trapped inside. All because two insurance companies are fighting not to have to be the one to pay for the clean up. It's just SICK!

I got a call around 1 that someone from a clean up company was going to come by to take photos and give the homeowner an estimate. The man told me that in all the years he's been working doing clean-up (and stressed that many were suicides, both indoors and outside) and that he had NEVER heard of someone having both renters and homeowners and NEITHER company approving the clean up.

Todd (without me even asking) drove all the way here after work (at 6pm) from North Phoenix to go the grocery store down the street. Filled up the refrigerator and pantry with food, drinks, dinners...a whole TON of stuff. Which couldn't of come at a better time since we had little to no food in the house. So thank goodness for that random acts of kindness.

Thankfully after speaking with the Manager at the rental agency and explaining my inability to pay the rent February 1st. I was told that if I make no more payments, I will still have until then end of February, maybe the first week of March until they will attempt to evict us. So at least I have a little over a month to figure out where the heck the kids and I are going to live. So I've got to find someone where to move the last weekend of February.

I'm really hoping that the cleanup crew gets the okay to come back and clean up tomorrow. So that my kids can return to being able to play outside, and can go out there with no idea of where the horror happened.

I am just SOOO beyond overwhelmed. I just don't know how we're gonna survive financially. This all just sucks!

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  1. As far as Landen goes, Kaylin reacts similarly. I thought she would be hysterical but she' s been quite calm about it all. She will also tell Aiden matter-of-factly that Grammy is dead when he says the sweet little things he says. So don't let that worry you. They are smart kids and they process in their own way.

    As for the rest... I am so sorry for the rest of the world's insensitivities. And I wish I was closer so you could stay with us! Or I was rich and could just pay your rent.

    But look, you are doing it! You will pull through! Stay busy, keep your mind busy. I am so glad James and Todd are helping you, remember to let them! (And anyone else)