Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daddy's Little Grill

So I mentioned before I would explain my blog title, so here it is:

This past year was my Daddy's 60th birthday. I have ALWAYS been a stickler for finding the perfect card. I love finding ones that I swore I wrote myself. So after spending about 30 minutes looking at cards, I found this one:

This was the perfect card due to the fact that my Daddy LOVED to grill, and HATED (jokingly of course) that I am a total master at grilling.

Every time we'd buy meat or anything for the grill, he'd always just look at me and tell me, "well get to it my little grill master!" 

So when I found this card, I got chills. It was just SO PERFECT!! 

It's so many of these wonderful, happy, incredible moments that I've shared with my Daddy that allow me to smile past the pain. It's so easy to think of my Daddy and smile. Cause that's all he ever did for others, made them laugh and smile. If you've met him, even just once, you know exactly what I mean.


  1. this is adorable - i love it - i thought maybe you created this blog in an emotional rush and mispelled girl :/

  2. Hold onto those moments! Those moments are so precious. My grandfather died this past year, and it's the silly, random things that make me smile, so much more than the big moments.