Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Daddy

I love you. I have from the second I arrived on this earth, and will until I take my last breath. You have always been my hero. At 5 foot 7, you were bigger than a superhero. You made me feel like there was NO ONE in the entire world that meant more to you than me. You treated me with respect, and honored my opinions. You were the PERFECT Daddy.

Dance recitals, school plays, choir concerts, band were always there. You always glowed after my different performances. Like you were practically radioactive. Glowing with pride and joy.

You worked hard your entire life to provide for us, building your own business, never missing a day of work, always doing what you had to for your family.

You touched SO many peoples lives. Whether they met you once, or knew you a long time. You had a certain way about you. So warm and inviting. Always willing to listen, and were a lot of people's "go to" person when they were having a tough time.

You were the GREATEST person I have ever had the pleasure to know. Let alone the fact that I got the absolute honor of being your daughter. I have always been nothing but proud of you and the person you were. I have no regrets with our relationship. You couldn't have done a single thing differently. You are and will continue to be my hero.

I promise to make you so very proud of what I make of my life. With my photography, which I owe so much of that to you. I will continue to strive to get better and better with each client. I promise to continue to make you proud of my relationship with my own children. I promise to use every open opportunity to make someone smile or laugh as you ALWAYS did.

I still cannot believe I won't hold your hand ever again, or get one of your long bear hugs, or our movie rituals,  watching GLEE, there are so many parts of my day to day routine that involved you.

I think about you constantly, and that will NEVER change. I feel you near, and know you are helping me through this. I know you always will be.

I love you Daddy and ALWAYS will

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