Sunday, February 13, 2011

The actual aftermath

***Caution***This post contains photos that are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC

Last night my Mother came to stay with me. She brought her dog who loves to come over since we have a yard. My Mom was sitting outside reading when she noticed her dog chewing at something very aggressively. What she removed from his mouth is shown in the first photo. I don't think it needs further explanation...

Next we have the side yard where it happened and my lame attempt at trying to keep it blocked off. 

Next we have the far wall that separates the front yard from the back yard. A good 15+ feet from where it happened. I don't think I need to point out the 2 areas that you can clearly see did not get "cleaned"

These are the photos of the side of the house. Everywhere there is white spray paint, there was blood...

So 26 days later, after fighting with Farmers to get them to cover the "clean up", there are still pieces of bone and matter in our yard. After the homeowner paid CASH so that we didn't have to wait any longer in our home without someone coming to do "clean up". Then to find out that the renters insurance (through Farmers) denied the claim because "there was no damage to personal property" and the homeowners insurance (also through Farmers!!) gave a denial, stating that the renters insurance should cover it since it was an "intentional act".

Four hours stuck inside our home, while people in biohazard suits were out in the yard "cleaning" Yet I can walk out there and see from 20 feet away a large splatter mark...and then the piece that my Mom's dog found..

So now I feel like we're back at square one. The yard is NOT "clean" and it's the last place I want my kids. I saw the aftermath shortly after he shot himself, I saw the aftermath before the cleanup crew came, and now 26 days later to still know that it's not clean....SHAME ON YOU SERVPRO AND FARMERS!! 

I am so utterly devastated, disgusted and utterly emotionally exhausted by all of this. 

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