Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another bump in the road

Monday evening Channel 12 aired my story, and I thought it was very well done. I wish they would have stressed that Farmers was also responsible for the denial of medical coverage that eventually led him to his decision to commit suicide. But all in all, I thought Veronica Sanchez of 12 News did a great job with our story.

Here is a link if you haven't seen it:

After the story aired a man reached out, trying to find a phone number for us, ended up coming to my door. It was odd, but very kind of him to offer his assistance. He is the President of ABRA ( American Bio Recovery Association. His main concern was if the clean-up was done properly. He soon informed us that due to loopholes and badly written laws, companies who specialize in clean-up from floods, fires etc are now adding bio-hazard cleanups to their list of services offered. The problem, they aren't licensed or trained in bio-hazard clean-up. They are simply doing it because they can, and because it's a huge opportunity for more revenue for their company.

I knew after the first "clean-up" done by Servpro that they didn't do an adequate job. But had NO idea what they had left behind after their 3rd visit. After I filed a complaint with their corporate office, and after the Production Manager from the branch of Servpro personally came out to "inspect" their final "clean-up"...there are still DOZENS of spots of matter, because they didn't do the clean-up properly there are fluids seeping through the rafters of the side of the house, the neighbors house also had splatter and God knows what else...

This wonderful man offered to do whatever he could to help us. He was disgusted with Servpro and the poor job they did with the "clean-up" Even offering to come and clean himself if needed.

Now I am left knowing that it is still NOT clean out there...our neighbors have NO idea what is in their yard (they are NEVER home, I've actually never even met them)

I cannot begin to explain how this is all affecting me emotionally, which in turn effects me physically. The fact that all of this has been such a nightmare, and now 30 days later, the backyard is still a bio-hazard nightmare.

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  1. whitney, i'm so sorry. seeing you so upset in that clip broke my heart. i'm so sorry you're going through this.