Monday, March 7, 2011

Learning to live again

I feel like each day that goes by I am slowly getting back to "real" life. The smiles are taking over the tears, the joy is taking over the sadness. I was lucky enough to spend some time with my Auntie Dorothy, Uncle Cole and Cousins Brittany, Carson and Alaina. Not only do they have a spectacularly beautiful home, they are just so much fun to be around. The kids (My son is 6 weeks younger than my cousin Carson) have sooo much fun together. We had a great time together and I even got a chance to play with my camera again and take some photos of my STUNNING Cousin Britt. She signed with a modeling agency and has a shoot coming up, so she showed us one of her "looks" for the shoot and explained she wanted to do kind of a pin up thing. So we went in her backyard and behind her house and in front and got a couple neat photos. At 16 years old and 5 foot 11. Something tells me she'll have a long and successful modeling career!

Spending time with family, watching my kids play, hearing them laugh, seeing the smile, all things that are helping me to learn to live again. Day by day, things WILL get better. 

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