Friday, April 22, 2011

A 12 year old's poem

My Grandma Johnson was a BIG part of my life until she passed. We spend every holiday and just about every weekend with her. She was one of a kind and I still think about her daily.

While getting stuff organized and packed, I found a poem I wrote after my Grandma died that really touched me, because I feel I can use it with my current situation now.

Saying Goodbye Doesn't Have to Be Sad

We say goodbye everyday.
It's so hard, so sad that she went away.
We weep and weep our tears away,
because no long will she stay.
But in our heart she will always be,
A Mother, a Wife, a friend to me.
We think of death and get so sad,
but why not sit and think of glad.
She's somewhere now happy and pain free.
Where she can paint and play bridge and just be.
We have this person so great and true,
so lets think of happy instead of blue.
How she made us laugh and smile each day.
She may be gone, but not in EVERY way.
She's in our hearts and souls to stay,
forever among us everyday.
So smile and remember the things you two saw,
because always and forever will I have my Grandma

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