Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SO SO SOOOO thankful!!!

I keep thinking I'm living in a dream. A good one!!

It's been 3 days at our new house, and I haven't had a single nightmare. When I was having several a week prior to moving. I've been pushed to the physical limit and continue to get up excited to put together furniture, or decorate, or love seeing utter joy spread across the faces of my children.

EVERY INCH of his house is my uultimate life project. The ability to paint, furnish and decorate a beautiful home. Only bonus, IT'S MINE!

I find my self joyfully proud of what we've created for our family.

I owe this all to my Daddy. I know he's proud and I will contine to make him proud untilnthe day that I leave this Earth.

I'm 100% HAPPY and I owe it all to my Daddy!

A huge special thanks to my AHMAAAAZING Cousin Tim, Gerritt and Craig for putting their bodies through hell to help move us. I you guys for LIFE!!!

Then there's Todd and my Mom. They both have been right there for me through EVERYTHING!!


Thank you Daddy!!!!!

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