Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy

Saturday is my Daddy's Birthday. He would have been 61.

He would have been...(insert frowny face here)

Another milestone passed, without him. Another day, without him. It just sucks!!

Grieving the loss of my Daddy has to be without a doubt the most difficult thing I've ever experienced. Feeling the loss daily since January 19, 2011. Not a single day has gone by without tears, without hurt. I continue to stay strong, hopeful and positive that time will heal my emotional wounds. It's really the only way I feel I can stay ahead of the hurt. Realizing that as time passes, so will the wreckage that has happened as a result of his decision to take his own life.

Usually on his Birthday I would go over to his house and make him meatloaf (his favorite meal I made for him) and we would just hang out. Something I LOVED to do with him. He was so easy to be around. Even on my worst days he knew just how to make me laugh and forget my problems. Laugh off the tough stuff, and enjoy life! Humor is something I hold very dear, not only because my Daddy was one of the funniest people I've ever known, but because it has the power to change someones day or mood even! Laughter really is the best medicine.

I have a long road ahead of me, a lot of grief to deal with still, but there is nothing I can't handle. I will get past it, and I will continue to be thankful for each day I have on this earth.

I love you Daddy! Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Daddy!! I think you should make the meatloaf & enjoy funny memories of your wonderful, sweet Daddy and laugh like you never have!! He is watching you & smiling!! You are such a brave, stong woman, he is very proud of you! :-)