Thursday, November 3, 2011

The power of POSITIVE thinking

To say this year has been rough is a total understatement...but really it has been rough!

I've done my best to keep my "annoyingly optimistic" persona, but have learned that can be harder said than done.

The one thing I know without any doubt is that there is power in positive thinking! I am the only one that can control my mood or thoughts. Me! So if something is bringing me down, it is up to me, and only me, to bring myself out of the funk.

So instead of dwelling on my loss, or spending my days depressed, I CHOOSE to be happy. I focus on all of the GOOD things I have in my life. The bad is just, well...not welcomed!

The images of finding my Daddy will never be gone, but neither will the GOOD memories we shared. I can assure you there are plenty more good than bad when it comes to my Daddy. He was and continues to be a constant source of GOOD in my life. Even after death.

Those that choose to dwell on the bad, or negative are just not welcome in my life. I don't need any additional heartache! I've had plenty this year thanks! :)

So next time you find yourself upset, sad, depressed, angry. Think about how quickly you can turn around your day if you start focusing on those positives, those GOOD things in your life. Soon you too can see how the power of positive thinking can change your outlook and attitude.

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