Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2.0

Yesterday marked the second Father's Day without my Daddy. I went into the day with no anxiety or feelings of sadness. I was really looking forward to celebrating the many years I did have with my Daddy, and more importantly, celebrating the amazing Father of my own children.

The day started out rocky. When I woke up, Todd was already awake and out on the back porch on the phone. He looked upset, really upset, and looking at him so upset opened my floodgates of emotion. I stood there looking at him through the sliding glass door for a few moments, before I decided to go into the bathroom to compose myself. I didn't want to greet him on Father's Day sobbing. Not exactly the Father's Day greeting I had imagined. Haha.

I blew my nose, wiped my eyes and regained my sanity. When he came inside I greeted him with a warm hug and kiss and told him Happy Father's Day.

The rest of the morning was spent doing everything in my power to cheer him up. He wasn't hungry, so I made some breakfast potatoes instead of the big breakfast spread I had envisioned. I listened and talked to him about the bad news that he got that had upset him, and eventually the day started to turn around. Dinner I think was what put him over the top. Or that is what my inner Martha Stewart is telling me anyway...

When I woke up this morning, realizing I overcame my emotional roller coaster of a day, and did a darn good job of making Todd happy, I felt one simple emotion. HAPPY!

I am so very thankful that my children have such an incredible Father. One that is there every night to tuck them in, to hold their hand, wipe their tears, and to be a constant source of love. It has almost been 16 years since Todd first became and Father, and I know he's had hurtles to overcome, but he is without a doubt one of the best Father's I have ever been around.

He deserves more than just a day of recognition!

To Todd, the love of my life, thank you for just being you! I look forward to a lifetime of ways to show my appreciation for all that you do for us. Happy Father's Day Boo. I wuv you wots!

Happy Father's Day

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