Friday, September 7, 2012


As a parent, I am left with a giant responsibility. To raise another human being, one who will impact the future. One who could CHANGE the future. It's a responsibility I don't take lightly.

I was raised in a household of acceptance. I was taught from early on that EVERYONE deserves kindness and understanding. Regardless of their skin color, their religious beliefs, whom they loved or how much money they had. Racism and ignorance were not tolerated and were thought to be the highest of sins we could commit.

Being a part of several Suicide support groups and Facebook pages and blogs, I have seen my fair share of hurt and sorrow. I read stories everyday about loved ones lost by suicide, photos posted in their memory, and statistics that send chills down my spine.

A person dies by suicide about every 15 minutes in the United States.

Every day, approximately 101 Americans take their own life.

Although most gun owners reportedly keep a firearm in their home for "protection" or "self defense", 83% of gun-related deaths in these homes are the result of suicide.

Firearms are used in more suicides than homicides.

But the most shocking of all are the statistics among our youth.

Suicide is the sixth leading cause of death among those 5-14 years old

Suicide is the THIRD leading cause of death among those 15-24

Seeing photo after photo, story after story of young people deciding that life is just too hard, that their parents don't accept them because of their sexual orientation, that their peers don't accept them. That they feel completely alone. Well, it's just not right. It's sickening and sad and as a parent it makes me so ashamed that there are parents leaving their children without any hope. No child should ever feel so desperate that they take their own life.

If you are a parent, or are thinking of becoming a parent, I beg of you, PLEASE teach your children acceptance. Like it or not, their are men loving men, women loving women and everything in between. It is NOT wrong, and we need to set the example ourselves of how to accept.

The statistics are only getting worse, more and more CHILDREN are turning to suicide. I cannot imagine the torturous guilt a parent would have to endure if their own child committed suicide because they weren't accepted. Could you live with yourself?

Be the change, raise the change, so many children are counting on you!

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