Saturday, October 15, 2016

Just cry it out

There are those days that just creep up on me. It doesn't matter how amazing things are going, I have an internal struggle with the clings of lingering grief. I sit outside, hiding from my children so I can just cry. "A good healthy cry can cure almost anything" said my Daddy everytime I came to him in tears. I don't like to cry. I hold those tear drops in like the hoover dam. Problem, when I do open up, there is a flood. But, afterward, a calmness, and a sense of relief. I don't know why I feel like I have to keep my composure at all times. But it's especially difficult when it's my Dad's Birthday and while editing my very first ever wedding. I was scrolling through the first few galleries, and was overcome with a bit of anger. He would have been so proud of the images I took. He always told me I had a special talent and to never give that up. Which is what drives me to this day. He inspires me to always keep learning and growing and staying humble and honest. I just really miss him. But, I know that he is proud, at peace and we will be reuinted one day in that magical pallace in the sky. I love you Daddy. Happy Heavenly Birthday. Xo